Delta Rotating Solutions is a provider of a broad range of high quality mechanical flexible couplings and torque limiters. Our product range includes 4 categories of flexible shaft couplings and friction type torque limiters. 

An American company based in Indiana

Delta Rotating Solutions founders bring over 35 years of experience in mechanical power transmission products in United States of America, Canada, Europe, Asia and Australia. We bring all of this experience in mechanical to the heartland of the midwest, operating out of Columbus Indiana.  

Wide range of flexible couplings and torque limiters

We can provide flexible shaft couplings in jaw, pin-bush, tire and metal-flex varieties. Company provides one stop shop for typical American and European coupling and torque limiter design. Allowing our customers a large variety to choose from for first fit OEM or aftermarket / replacement applications. We have 38 designs and 450 sizes of flexible couplings and torque limiters available off the shelf.

Custom engineered solutions to meet every need

At Delta Rotating Solutions, we want to be the easiest to do business with for all your coupling and torque limiter needs. To do so, apart from a large off the shelf product line, we pride ourselves in developing custom solutions for your unique application needs. Our expertise in designing and validating mechanical power transmission solutions can help you improve product reliability, reduce cost / weight of the system. We can also help you validate your coupling, torque limiter design with inhouse torsional and finite element analysis. 

Fast turnaround time 

With Delta Rotating Solutions, you should expect a fast turnaround time for all your requests. No more waiting days if not weeks for response to your inquiries and months for non-standard product deliveries. With our warehouses in North America and dedicated customer support and engineering staff, we can suggest the best products and deliver them to your doorsteps quickly.