Jaw Couplings

  • Most used couplings in pumps, material handling, conveyors, general power transmission
  • 15 different design options available including Straight Jaw / curved jaw, spider elastomer / H cushions / C cushion etc…
  • All Metal are parts coated for anti-corrosion
  • Fully machined – inherently balanced

Metal Flex Couplings

  • All Metal construction with metal shim pack providing flexibility
  • Very high torsional stiffness with low axial
    and bending stiffness
  • Anti-fly, Non-spark design options available
  • Suitable for high temperature applications

tire type couplings

  • Tire shaped elastomer provide highest misalignment tolerance
  • Easy to replace flexible element without moving machinery
  • Ideal for reciprocating / high vibration applications to manage torsional vibrations

Pin bush couplings

  • Elastomer covered pins transfer power while providing flexibility
  • Fully machined couplings are inherently balanced
  • Different spacer options and mounting options available
  • Simple design is easy to maintain

Friction Type Torque Limiters

  • Most effective solution to protect equipment against overload and breakage
  • Specialized design that can be accurately tuned
  • Integrated torsionally flexible or torsionally rigid coupling design available

Ball Detent

Coming Soon